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FACTORYISH EP3 - with Steve Miller

Kirk and Zip kick off the latest episode of "FACTORYISH" with a special first-time guest interview featuring Steve Miller, a customer of Street Metal Concepts. Together, they delve into the remarkable transformation of Steve's Fleetmaster diesel-powered gasser and explore the exciting upcoming project: Steve's Hot Wheels tribute truck, which the talented SMC team is currently building. During the conversation, Steve shares his journey of discovering great deals on classic cars and opens up about some of the tragic moments he has encountered along the way. The episode also highlights the recently awarded Steve Simons award, a car show honor dedicated in memory of Zip's father, which is discussed in depth. Join Kirk and Zip as they explore this captivating episode, filled with intriguing stories, incredible builds, and heartfelt memories that shed light on the passion and dedication at Street Metal Concepts.


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