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FACTORYISH EP7 - with Derek Putnam

In this electrifying episode, Kirk and Zip are joined by the one and only Derek Putnam, hailing from the powerhouse of Drag Racing coverage, Sick the Mag. Dive into Derek's lifelong dedication to Drag Racing, inspired by his father's passion for the sport. From writing for esteemed magazines to becoming a prominent announcer at events, Derek's journey culminates in his integral role at Sick the Mag, where boundaries are constantly shattered.

Explore the deep connection between Kirk and Derek, forged during their shared tenure at National Parts Depot spanning nearly a decade. Reminisce with tales of hosting the iconic yearly Ford and GM shows, a testament to their collective automotive prowess.

Join the team as they reflect on the seismic shifts in the automotive landscape, transitioning from traditional magazines to the digital realm dominated by YouTubers. Gain insights into their vision for the future of the sport, as they paint a vivid picture of what lies ahead. Tune in to uncover their unique perspectives on the thrilling trajectory of Drag Racing, and discover the untold stories that fuel their passion for this exhilarating sport.


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