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FACTORYISH EP4 - with Butch Poe & Fred Kinney

In this captivating episode, we are introduced to the dynamic car-building duo, Butch Poe and Fred Kinney, who have been working together in central Florida for decades, crafting an impressive array of cars. Throughout the show, we gain valuable insights into the dos and don'ts of the car-building process. One remarkable aspect of their journey is their collaboration with Zip and the Street Metal Concepts crew. When faced with ambitious builds that pushed the boundaries of their expertise, they wisely sought assistance from Zip and his team, establishing a fruitful partnership that has thrived over the years. Their collective efforts continue to yield exciting prospects for future projects.

Fred, in particular, takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his time working at a local machine shop in Orlando during the '60s to '80s. He shares delightful anecdotes of encounters with racing legends such as Mickey Thompson, Don Garlits, and Smokey Yunick, painting a vivid picture of these motorsport pioneers as true grassroots innovators.

As part of the episode's highlight, we showcase the breathtaking Chevy II, a project made possible with the invaluable support of SMC. This car holds a special place in Butch's heart, as it stands as his all-time favorite driver. Considering Butch's vast collection of remarkable cars over the years, this statement speaks volumes about the Chevy II's significance. The origins of this beautiful Chevy II date back to a fellow friend who began the project but tragically couldn't see it to completion due to his untimely passing. Butch and Fred, undeterred by this setback, vowed to fulfill their late friend's dream. With determination and passion, they persevered, eventually finishing the car, a testament to their unwavering dedication.

Join us on this sentimental journey, as we delve into cherished memories with Butch and Fred, and catch up with the latest developments at SMC with Zip at the helm.


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