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FACTORYISH EP5 - with Charlie Novell

In this episode, Host Kirk and Zip are joined by Charlie Novell as a special guest. Charlie holds the distinction of possibly being Street Metal Concepts' very first customer, and he has been a steadfast supporter of SMC since its inception. During the conversation, Charlie delves into the myriad projects he has collaborated on with SMC over the years. His list of cars is as diverse as it is impressive, ranging from exotics like the Ferrari 485 and Audi R8 to iconic muscle cars like his pair of Chevelles. In a testament to his automotive enthusiasm, Charlie even boasts a rather unique addition to his collection: a motorcycle-powered Mini, demonstrating his love for the truly remarkable. He also shares insights into his unique approach to car collecting, treating it as a business practice by constantly improving the vehicles he acquires and ensuring they leave his possession in better condition than when he acquired them. Charlie reflects on the individual who ignited his passion for automobiles, and the episode pays tribute to his enduring commitment to SMC. His early support laid a sturdy foundation upon which SMC has thrived today.


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